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To hide or display individual legends on the map, select the Map tab > Legends. Each legend can be toggled on/off. In PC*Miler 36 and later, a Map tab > Toggle Legends button allows you to hide all legends in a single click. To view the legends on the map again, select Legends and check the boxes next to the legends you want to display.

A legend can be moved to any position on the map – click and drag it to the desired location.

Road Legend

Shows how PC*Miler road classes appear on the map. This legend is displayed by default. Road colors will depend on which map style is chosen.

Road types included in each road class are:

Multi-lane toll free and urban highways
Major Highway
Major highways, urban access roads
Toll roads and urban highways
Non-divided highways
Non-divided highways, urban access roads, ferries
Exit and entrance ramps
Truck-discouraged roads (as defined by PC*Miler)

Temporary road closure.

No Thru Trucks

Not compatible for trucks, as determined by PC*Miler


Most kinds of trucks prohibited, as determined by the controlling governmental authority.  Appears if “Truck Restrictions” is checked in the Map Features dialog.  


Designated 53' road network (these roads have either “State Oversized”, “Oversized Access”, or “National Network” designations on them).  Appears if “Designated Truck Routes” is checked in Map Features.

Comm Prohibited

Roads that are prohibited for commercial truck traffic.  Appears if “Commercially Prohibited” is checked in Map Features.

Route Legend  

Appears if at least one route window is open; provides a key to the color(s) used to draw each generated route on the map. Routes are listed in the order they were generated.  

Scale of Miles

A standard component of most maps, providing the scale of miles/kilometers. Appears by default. To change from miles to kilometers, go to File menu > Application Settings > Units > Length and Distance in.

Hazmat Legend  

If the Hazmat add-on data module is installed, a legend showing hazmat restrictions will be available.

Traffic Legend  

For Traffic add-on subscribers only, this legend shows the significance of the colors used for traffic flows on the map.

Road Conditions Legend 

For Weather add-on subscribers, the legend shows the colors associated with current road conditions as well as road conditions up to 24 hours in advance. (Road conditions are informational only and are not used in route calculation.)

Weather Alerts Legend

For Weather add-on subscribers, this legend shows the colors of the different areas of the map that are under various kinds of weather alerts.

Turn Restrictions in Roads

To show or hide turn restrictions (no left and no right), right-click the map and select Turn Restrictions from the menu.