Toll Discouraged routing will avoid long stretches of toll roads but will not take long, impractical detours to avoid toll bridges and tunnels. For example, a route from Boston, MA, to Albany, NY, will avoid the Massachusetts Turnpike, but a route from Camden, NJ, to Philadelphia, PA, will include a toll bridge.

If a Toll Discouraged route needs to travel on a toll road, toll miles will be shown in the Detailed Route and State/Country reports. If Tolls add-on is licensed and installed, toll costs will also be shown, even if toll calculation is disabled for the route. Toll Discouraged routing is activated using the Toll Roads option under Routing Preferences.

To see whether the Toll Discouraged option is cost-effective for you or your fleet, you may want to consider using the Tolls add-on and PC*MILER Spreadsheets to analyze how much in toll costs you will save versus how much additional mileage and time cost you will incur, for the particular origin-destination pairs that you run frequently.