With your seatbelt fastened, we will begin the tour by opening the PC*MILER window. Double-click on the PC*MILER icon on your desktop to open the program, or click the Windows Start menu and select All Programs (or the equivalent for your version of Windows) > PCMILERxx > PCMILERxx.

When you first open PC*MILER, you’ll see an active Routes window on the left, the PC*MILER Map window on the right, and a ribbon toolbar at the top. Like many Windows programs, the ribbon contains layered toolbars organized in tabs like a set of file folders. When you click a tab, the attached toolbar becomes visible. 

Each toolbar on the Ribbon groups together related tasks. For example, all tools in the Map tab perform actions related to the Map window. (Yep, we did that on purpose.) The screenshot below shows your initial view of PC*MILER, with the Routes toolbar visible.  

Next Stop: Run a Route