The PC*MILER Spreadsheets installation contains sample workbooks of all Spreadsheets functions. These files are located in the Excel folder in the PCMILERXX ("XX" is version) folder of your PC*MILER installation. Use these workbooks as a starting point, and then further customize each workbook for your own needs.

Sample workbooks available in the …\ALK Technologies\PCMILERXX\ EXCEL ... folder:

  • DEMO_NA.xlsx – includes functions specific to general PC*MILER use.
  • DEMO_NA_Tolls.xlsx – includes functions specific to Tolls. (Tolls add-on must be installed.)
  • DEMO_WW.xlsx – includes functions specific to PC*MILER Worldwide. (PC*MILER Worldwide must be installed.)

When you open one of these files, you’ll see an introduction to PC*MILER Spreadsheets with instructions for setup and using the demo file. To go to the sample function applications, click on any other tab in the workbook.  

Function-specific instructions are under the spreadsheet in each tab. Any cell that displays “#NAME?” can be activated to reveal the formula in the cell, just double-click it and press <Enter>.

TIP: Make a backup copy of each sample workbook before making any changes to preserve the file’s original contents, layout and formatting.