(North America only – SPLC data must be installed)  To use SPLCs when entering origins/destinations, each number needs to be preceded by “SPLC”, e.g. “SPLC191690000”. To add this text to a list of SPLCs in Microsoft® Excel, use the CONCATENATE formula as described below:

1. All origin SPLC numbers should be listed in one column (column A in this example). There should be at least one blank column to the right of the origins column.

2. Insert a new column to the left of column A (right click column > Insert).

3. In the new column, add “SPLC” to each row that has a SPLC in it. To do this quickly, type “SPLC” in cell A1, then click and drag the bottom right corner of the cell down the column (the cursor will become a plus sign). Let go when all target cells are populated with “SPLC”.

4. Select a third column to the right (column C in this example) and make sure the cells are formatted as “General” or “Number” (right click the column and choose Format Cells…). 

5. In cell C1 (or C2 if there is a header row), manually enter the following formula: =CONCATENATE(A1,B1)

6. Copy the formula down the remainder of the column as in Step 3.

7. With the third column selected, right click and select Copy

8. With the column still highlighted, right click and select Paste Special.

9. In the dialog that opens, select Values and hit OK

10. Delete the first two columns. Your origin SPLCs are now correctly formatted.

11. For the destination SPLC, follow steps 1-10 starting with the column that contain the destinations.


12. When you have origin and destination columns set up, you can enter a PC*MILER calculation function in the third column. Adjust the cell alignment and insert a header row if desired.