Latitude/longitude points can be entered as stops on a route in degrees minutes seconds format or decimal degrees (e.g. 0401750N,0742131W or 40.297222N,74.358611W).


Here is an example of an actual lat/long near Kendall Park, NJ in both formats:

0402515N,0743340W    or    40.420833N,74.561111W

TIP: To see an example of converting latitude/longitude coordinates from degrees minutes seconds to decimal degrees, please see the Other Formulas tab of the DEMO_NA.xlsx workbook.

Lat/Long Points with Street Addresses

Latitude/longitude points can also be combined with street addresses for more precise geocoding and directions. The lat/long is added before the address, followed by a semicolon.  An example is:

40.211670N,74.703480W;1200 Kuser Road 

This feature will geocode the lat/long to the nearest point on the particular street in the address, rather than to the nearest street in the direction of travel, as would be the case for a lat/long by itself. If the lat/long is more than .5 miles from the street in the address, an error message will be returned.