The functions =Miles, =MilesEX, =Tolls, =TollsEx, =DiscountedTollsand =DiscountedTollsEx can be used with eight optional parameters for custom vehicle dimensions. If these fields are left blank, the default settings will be used. 

To enter custom vehicle dimensions or see default values, you need to open the Function Arguments window (click fx on the tool bar), select one of the functions mentioned above, and then scroll down to see all the dimension fields.

When a custom vehicle weight or height is entered, PC*MILER route calculations will take into account restrictions on roads and bridges. Additionally, PC*MILER supports calculation of routes and toll costs for smaller vehicles (vans, pickup trucks, SUVs, automobiles, etc.) that are classed less than 9,000 lbs./4,082 kgs.

Available Vehicle Dimension Options

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