Default routing options that can be edited in the PCMSERVE.INI file include the route type, the unit of distance used in calculations (miles vs. kilometers), borders open/closed, the order of states/countries in the state/country summary report (alphabetical vs. travel order), and several others.  

Default options may also be set in the PC*MILER user interface.  The order of precedence for route option settings is as follows:

  1. Options that are set directly in Spreadsheets prevail over the default options set in PC*MILER and the .INI file.
  2. Options set in PCMSERVE.INI prevail over those set in PC*MILER.
  3. Options set in PC*MILER as defaults take effect only in the absence of settings 1 and 2.

Excel must be closed and reopened for changes set in the .INI file or PC*MILER to take effect.