Combined route types can be calculated in Spreadsheets by altering the CalcType setting in the pcmserve.ini file.

  • prac|toll (Practical and Toll Discouraged)
  • prac|natl (Practical and State + National Network)
  • prac|toll|natl (Practical, Toll Discouraged, State + National Network)
  • short|natl (Shortest and State + National Network)
  • short|toll (Shortest and Toll Discouraged)
  • short|toll|natl (Shortest, Toll Discouraged, State + National Network)

Using Ex Functions

These Ex functions in PC*MILER|Spreadsheets provide an alternate way to use any of the combination route types.

  • =MilesEx(origin, destination [, routing type])

  • =DriveTimeEx(origin, destination [, routing type])

  • =TollsEx(origin,destination,discount [,routing Type])**

  • =DiscountedTollsEx(origin,destination,discountProgram [,state][,routing Type])**

**Only available if the Tolls add-on is installed.

Ex Function Examples