The State/Country Report lists toll, toll-free, ferry, and total distances by state/country. If the Tolls add-on module is installed with PC*MILER, the last column on the right in this report will also provide toll fees for each leg of a trip and the total toll amount for the whole trip.


The steps to access this report vary depending on the version of Excel you are using. 

Excel 2003

Select an empty cell, then select PC*MILER State/Country Rpt… from the Excel Insert menu. 

Excel 2007 and Above

Go to the Excel Add-Ins tab and click on PC*MILER State/Country Rpt. In the State/Country dialog box, enter a city name and state abbreviation or postal code for the origin and destination. Select a Routing type if desired (the default is Practical), then click OK.

Distances (and tolls, if the Tolls add-on is installed) will be returned as in the example shown below (the generated report will use as many cells as needed in your spreadsheet).