Mexican postal codes have the same format as U.S. ZIP codes, and some U.S. and Mexican locations have the same postal code assigned to them. To geocode Mexican postal codes, you may need to change a setting in the pcmbatch.cfg file in your BatchPro installation folder (usually C:\ALK Technologies ... Batchpro) as follows:

1. Navigate to the BatchPro folder in your PC*MILER installation folder.

2. Open the pcmbatch.cfg file in Notepad, Wordpad or another text file reader.

3. Scroll down to the [Route Options] section and find the “ZipCodeOption” setting. Change this setting to reflect the desired output:

  • =0 – Only U.S. Zip codes are geocoded; for other postal codes, error messages are displayed.
  • =1 – Only Mexican postal codes are geocoded.
  • =2 – Both U.S. and Mexican postal codes are geocoded.*

4.  Save the pcmbatch.cfg file.

*With “ZipCodeOption”=2, the default U.S. ZIP code will be returned in cases where the postal code is assigned to both a U.S. and Mexican location. It is suggested to create separate input files for U.S. and Mexican codes, and to change this setting to 1 for the Mexican locations.