Three types of report files can be created from an input file. A fourth report file that includes toll costs can be generated if the Tolls add-on is installed. See the samples below for an example of each file type. Note that place names in reports report will never be more than 40 characters long. 

Report files are automatically placed in the same location as the input file. Because you will often create several report files for each input file, and report files are larger than input files, your available hard disk space must be approximately three times as large as the size of your input file.

.OUT File

The .OUT file follows the same format as your input file, with calculated mileage for each route segment placed to the right of the destination data. Cost and time estimates will also be included if these options are checked in the main window. The example below shows mileage, cost and time for each origin and destination pair.

.MIL File

In the .MIL file, mileage is returned along with cost and time estimates (if selected in the main window). The .MIL file also translates places in postal code-only or city/state-only format into postal code and city/state/county data. The file shown below has been re-formatted to fit on the page.

.STA File

The .STA report file contains a mileage summary table. The columns from left to right list the total miles, toll miles, free miles, and ferry miles traveled in each state, with totals at the bottom. The sample .STA report below, for a trip from Cedar Rapids, IA, to Pittsburgh, PA, also includes a toll cost column on the far right.

.TOL File

If the Tolls add-on is licensed and installed with PC*MILER, BatchPro can generate a .TOL report that provides the toll cost for each origin and destination pair in the .IN file. Note that a toll cost total for the batch file is not provided in this report, but is provided in the .STA state report (see above.)

Discount programs that affect toll calculations are specified in the Application Settings > Tolls in PC*MILER. Toll amounts will be generated and discounts will be applied if Discount Tolls is selected under “Toll Options” in the BatchPro main window. The .TOL output file shows toll costs for each origin/destination pair in the column to the right of the destination column.    

Keeping Output Files Free of Error Messages

Normally, BatchPro displays any errors that occur during processing in the output files that are generated. To have errors recorded only in BatchPro’s log file:

1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the BatchPro folder within the PC*MILER installation (e.g. C:\ALK Technologies ... BatchPro).

2. Open the pcmbatch.cfg file in Notepad or another text editor.

3. Scroll to the bottom, to the [Run Mode] section.

4. Change “ErrorsInLogOnly” to equal “1”: