The following error messages indicate the PC*MILER BatchPro was unable to run your batch.

- Error! could not find .cfg file

BatchPro could not find the config file. If you are using the BatchPro Windows interface (interactive mode), there should be a file called “pcmbatch.cfg" in the same directory where BatchPro is installed. If BatchPro cannot find this file, the application will close after displaying the above message.


If you are in command-line mode when this message appears, you may have specified a different config file as the second argument on the command line. As in interactive mode, if BatchPro cannot find the .cfg file, the application will close after displaying the above error message.

- Error loading DLLs

This error pops up if BatchPro cannot load the .dll files it needs to operate. This can happen either because some dll’s are missing, or they are in the wrong location.  

BatchPro looks in the directory set in pcmserve.ini. This .ini file may be in several different locations, but will most likely be found in c:\winnt. The pcmserve.ini file is installed along with any server products, including PC*MILER Connect. If you get this message, you can either try setting the appropriate dll path in pcmserve.ini, or contact Technical Support.