Trimble MAPS offers a wide range of add-on software you can use to enhance and customize PC*MILER for your business. These data modules and features can be licensed and installed with your initial PC*MILER purchase or added at a later time. 

Data Modules

  • Streets: Street-level routing, mileage and mapping. (Base PC*MILER is highway only.)
  • Tolls: Generates toll costs to find the most cost-effective toll route or non-toll route. 
  • Traffic: Real-time and historical traffic speed features to generate more accurate ETAs. 
  • Worldwide: Point-to-point routing, mileage and mapping around the world. 
  • HazMat: Street-level mileage and routing for hauling hazardous materials.
  • Weather: Weather reports and alerts along a route, including road surface conditions.
  • Canadian Postal Codes
  • Standard Point Location Codes (SPLC)


Connectivity Products

  • Spreadsheets (Installed and Web Services): Access PC*MILER features from within Microsoft Excel®.  
  • BatchPro: Quickly calculate miles and cost estimates from large volumes of origin and destination pairs.
  • PC*MILER Connect: Integrates PC*MILER routes, mileage and reports with third-party and custom systems. Connect can also be enhanced with:
    • TCP/IP: Interfaces PC*MILER Connect in a Windows environment with an application on another platform.
    • Multi-Version Switch (MVS): Simultaneously supports multiple versions of PC*MILER via Connect.
    • RouteMatrix: Generates a “N X N” trip grid with travel times and distances.