The software you installed on your dedicated PC will cause the interface to start automatically when the PC is turned on. You can launch the Mileage Server without restarting the PC by clicking Start menu > All Apps (or equivalent on your system) > PCMILER XX > AS400 Interface.

When the mileage server (SRV32.exe) starts, it displays the connection status. 

NOTE:  Both the PC and the AS/400 must agree on the location of the Input or Request data queue. To change the location on the PC, click on the mileage server’s File menu. Choose Change Library/Queue. The change is made on the AS/400 by running the alkwin/config or alktll/tllfig command and filling out the library field.

To have the server log written to file, select the mileage server’s Log File menu and and highlight Append, Overwrite or Verbose (see below). This will create the file c:\ALK Technologies\pcmilerXX\as400\as400.log. It is recommended to only use logging for diagnostic purposes, otherwise the log files tend to grow large.

  • Append will add to the existing as400.log file after restarts.
  • Overwrite will delete the existing as400.log file after restarts.
  • Verbose logging includes information from the data queue communications. Verbose logging Appends after restarts.

Stopping the Interface

From the PC*MILER AS/400 window, choose Exit from the File menu.