Mexican Postal Codes

Mexico and the United States use the same five-digit numbering scheme for their postal codes. By default, all Mexican postal codes are ignored. To turn on access to Mexican postal codes, click the Options dropdown menu, choose Default Zip Codes and highlight your choice. Your choices:

  • Use default US Zip Code: This is the default setting. All Mexican postal codes will be ignored.
  • Use default Mexican Zip Code: Turns on the use of Mexican postal codes. If a user specifies only a five-digit Postal or ZIP code as a stop, the trip will be routed to Mexico in cases where there are duplicate codes between the US and Mexico.
  • Use default US and Mexican Zip Code: The default U.S. ZIP code or Mexican postal code will be returned. If there are U.S. and Mexican codes with the same number, the default U.S. ZIP code will be returned. If there is only a Mexican postal code for that number, the default Mexican code will be returned.

Estados Code for Nuevo Leon

By default, Nuevo Leon is returned as "NL," but versions of PC*MILER prior to version 36 have used "NX." To switch to using "NX," select Options > NL Abbreviation and check Nuevo Leon.