PC*MILER for the AS/400 Function Keys 

F2        State help. Displays a list of all state and province abbreviations.

F3        Exit. Exits the program and returns to the main AS/400 screen.

F7        Ins stop. Allows you to insert a new stop-off where the cursor is positioned.

F8        Del stop. Allows you to delete a stop-off where the cursor is positioned.

F10      Process request. Sends the request to PC*MILER on the dedicated PC.

F11      Restart. Clears the screen, and lets you start making data entries on the screen again.

F12      Main Screen. Returns to the main stop entry screen from the mileage report screens.

F22      Reverse. Reverses the order of stops entered.

F23      Load a saved trip. In the screen that comes up, typing "X" (with the cursor on a trip identifier in the pick list) will load that trip; typing "D" will delete the trip.

F24      Save a trip.  Enter a trip identifier of up to 10 characters in the entry field that appears.

Help     Pressing the key labeled “Help” on your keyboard will bring up detailed instructions for using various features of PC*MILER for the AS/400. If you are using an emulator, the Help key on your keyboard will usually be the Scroll Lock key or Right Mouse Click > Help.