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Change Library/Queue

Location of request/input queue. Default Library is ALKWIN or ALKTLL for PC*MILER|Tolls. Default Data Queue Name is MIDQUE. Innovative users, use your ICC work library, i.e. ITRS6WORK or IESR7WORK. If you want to display routes/trucks for requests coming from this one PC rather than for all requests, use your AS400 display name instead of MIDQUE.

Host Polling Timer

Use faster time slice to poll the AS/400 more often for faster interactive response time, or slower time slice for smoother graphic display.

Delete AS/400 Input Queue

When a queue becomes corrupted, creates a new queue and deletes the corrupted one.


Exit PC*MILER-AS/400. When you exit, all active windows are saved as they appear on your screen for the next time PC*MILER-AS/400 is opened.

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Force Picklist

Turns AS/400 pick lists off/on for duplicate city names. Activates lists for both large cities with multiple ZIP codes and duplicate city names.

Default Zip Codes

Sets the default ZIP code to U.S. or Mexico to distinguish between similar ZIP codes in the two countries.

NL Abbreviation

Choose whether to set the abbreviation ‘NL’ to geocode to Newfoundland and Labrador locations in Canada or to Nuevo Leon locations in Mexico

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Add to the current log file.


Overwrite the current log file.


Include internal routing error messages and AS/400 communication return codes in the log file.


Close the log file.

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Displays PC*MILER version and contact information.