The File Menu

Use the File menu to open, close, save and duplicate routes; print graphics and reports; and exit the PC*MILER program.

Delete AS/400 Input Queue

When a queue becomes corrupted, creates a new queue and deletes the corrupted one.


Exit PC*MILER-AS/400. When you exit, all active windows are saved as they appear on your screen for the next time PC*MILER-AS400 is opened.

AS/400 Control

Configure the Mileage server for different purposes. Choose from the sub-menu:
Change Library/Queue: Location of request/input queue. Default Library is ALKWIN or ALKTLL for PC*MILER|Tolls. Default Data Queue Name is MIDQUE. Innovative users, use your ICC work library, i.e. ITRS6WORK or IESR7WORK. If you want to display routes/trucks for requests coming from this one PC rather than for all requests, use your AS400 display name instead of MIDQUE.

Mapping on: Turn mapping on or off.  Turning off mapping can speed up batch applications.

Graphics for Mile Requests: Turn mapping on or off. The routes will not be drawn on the map. This will speed up the display.

Log to File: Turn diagnostics on/off.  This is useful for debugging problems.   When on, diagnostics are written to a file called as400.log, located in the directory that the software is running from (srv32.exe). Choose between Append, Overwrite, and Close.

Host Polling Timer: Use faster time slice to poll the AS/400 more often for faster interactive response time, or slower time slice for smoother graphic display.

Force Pick List: Turns AS/400 pick lists off/on for duplicate city names. Activates lists for both large cities with multiple ZIP codes and duplicate city names.

The Window Menu

Use the Window menu to control and organize the active windows in your display.

Tile Vertical

Active windows will fit your screen, running vertically.

Tile Horizontal

Active windows will fit your screen, running horizontally.

Display Serve Log

Restore the Serve Log window if minimized.