Innovative Software

Question: PC*MILER works correctly when using the PCMILER command on the AS/400, but my Innovative software does not work.

Answer: Run the CONFIG command on the AS/400 and type the Innovative work library name I93WORK, ITSR5W0RK, or IESR7WORK (check with ICC). After this is complete, check the File menu in the AS400 Mileage Server, choose AS400 Control>Change Library Queue

Or, you can edit the PCMSERVE.INI or PMWSSRV.INI for PC*MILER|Streets, changing the LIBRARY=ALKWIN to LIBRARY=I93WORK and then restart the AS/400 Mileage Server. Or re-install the AS/400 windows CD and type I93WORK. Restart the SERVER.

Screen Crash

Question:  The Interactive PC*MILER screen crashes when I type in an ICC Short City Code.

Answer: PC*MILER does a lookup in an ICC Cities database when you use Short City Codes, a component program of PC*MILER needs to be compiled with access to your Cities database. The compile will fail unless you have ALKWIN and your Innovative work and file libraries in your library list. 

Get a 400 command line and do a DSPLIB, make sure you have ALKWIN and your two Innovative Libraries in your list. The Innovative libraries are different from release to release. They can be I93WORK and I93DATA, or ITSR4WORK and ITSR4FILE, or  ITSR5WORK and ITSR5FILE, or ITSR6WORK and ITSR6FILE, or IESR7WORK and IESR7FILE. If the necessary libraries are not in your list, use the ADDLIBLE command to add them. Then do a WRKOBJPDM<space>ALKWIN. Do a 12 on QRPGSRC and then a 14 on CITICC, say yes to replace existing member.


Missing Tariff Miles 

Question:  PC*MILER works correctly but my Innovative Print Missing Tariff miles is not returning miles for a few cities.

Answer: The city spellings in the Innovative city file are different than in PC*MILER. Use the report from the Print Missing Tariff Miles (which lists the city discrepancies) and type PCMILER from the AS/400 command line. Now type the city code in, e.g. OCOK (should be Oklahoma City OK) and press <ENTER>.  

PC*MILER will indicate that it is not found. Now use the long spelling of the city, for example ok* OK, to determine the PC*MILER spelling. Press <F16> to invoke the ICC city update program and correct the spelling for Oklahoma City OK. After all the corrections are made, re-run the ICC Print Missing Tariff Miles utility to update those missing miles.

Mileage Discrepancies

Question:  Some of the mileage returned from PC*MILER is different from the mileage returned by my other transportation software.

Answer: The city spelling or ZIP being used by the other software is probably not correct. To verify what place name is being sent to PC*MILER, click on the Pick Pins icon and then on the stop-off point in the mapping window. Now correct your AS/400 cities file.


MIDQUE Trouble 

Question:  When I change my queue name to "MIDQUE", my PC can't receive anything from the AS/400.

Answer: Make sure that you exit and restart the PC*MILER interactive software on the AS/400. The PC*MILER program on the AS/400 will detect the presence of the new queue and it will send requests to this queue.


Slow Response Time 

Question:  The interactive response time has become slower on the AS400 since we have added several more users. Can we improve the performance?

Answer: Yes. You can run multiple copies of the PC*MILER-AS/400 program on the same PC if you have enough memory. Or if you have another available PC, you can start up PC*MILER-AS/400 on the other PC.


Run on Multiple PCs

Question:  How can I run PC*MILER-AS/400 on more than one PC?

Answer: Make sure that PC*MILER-AS/400 is installed properly on each PC. Additionally, set the queue name to MIDQUE so that the multiple PCs are servicing the same queue.