1. Install Client Access Express on your mileage server PC by running the setup.exe that is in the Express folder on your Client Access Express CD.

2. Go to the AS/400 Operations Navigator. For new installations, a Navigator prompt will ask if you want to add a connection. You will need to know the IP Address of your AS/400 and the System Name if you want to configure your connection using the AS/400 System name. You will have to make a table entry in the PC’s Hosts File. 

Below, we are adding an AS/400 called S102BWAM, you can also use the IP address of your AS/400.

For existing installations of Client Access Express, go into the AS/400 Operations Navigator and right mouse click on your AS/400 connection. Choose Properties to make changes or Verify to verify a connection.

The Connection Properties Window is used for changing existing connections or changing the Restart Settings for new connections. NOTE: Client Access Express has the ability to change passwords in the user profile. If you are prompted for a new password, you will be making a permanent change in that user profile.

3. Password Considerations - There are several areas to consider with a Client Access Express installation. Client Access Express offers three Password options. You can choose to have the PC logged on manually to the AS/400, have Client Access Express use the Windows User Name and Password, or you can specify a user profile and have the password typed in as needed.

The default user ID is the User Profile that the mileage server PC will be signing on to. This user will need the authority to create and delete data queues in either the ALKWIN Library or your Innovative Work Library.

If you choose to use the Windows User and Password, you have to have the Windows User Name and Password match the user profile and Password that you will be using for your mileage server PC to sign onto the 400 with. The Windows User and password must exactly match those in the user profile you are using.

In the event of a power loss, the PC will not connect to the AS/400 until someone manually types in the Windows password. To get a PC to restart without prompting for a password, you have to set the Windows Password to nothing. AS/400 security does not allow a null password. So if you want the mileage server PC to reconnect automatically after a power outage, you cannot use the Windows Password option.

If you want to have an unattended restart, your only option with Client Access Express is to store the User Profile Name and Password in the mileage server’s .ini file.  At this time, the password is not encrypted, but it is stored as text.

For auto-restart, you will also have to make the above settings in the Connection Properties dialog. (For new connections, right mouse click on your connection in the AS/400 Operation Navigator, and choose properties to get this screen.)

4. Verify the connection. If a connection cannot be made, contact IBM for assistance.