These instructions are intended for use if you are required to run a Tolls build and a Non-Tolls build of the PC*MILER AS/400 Interface (Srv32.exe, also formerly known as ‘Bart’) on the same PC. Where noted, this method can also be used if you need to run two AS/400 Interfaces connected to two different AS/400s.


You will be making copies of two files used by the AS/400 Interface, copying and editing your existing shortcut, and changing the Library= value in the appropriate .INI file (Change System=, User=, and Pass= values for dual AS/400 configurations).

There are two types of shortcut or command line properties available to start your PC AS/400 Interface:

“C:\ALK Technologies\pcmilerXX\AS400\Srv32.exe” 1


“C:\ALK Technologies\pcmilerXX\AS400\Srv32.exe” 2

With 1, srv32.exe will link to C:\windows\pcmsrv32.dll and pcmserve.ini, while will link to c:\windows\pmwssrv.dll and pmwssv.ini. 

Step 1: Copy C:\Windows DLL and INI File

Make a copy of c:\windows\pcmserve.ini and rename this copy to ‘pmwssrv.ini’. Make a copy of c:\windows\pcmsrv32.dll and rename this copy to ‘pmwssrv.dll’.

Edit c:\windows\pmwssrv.ini  and change the Library= value to ALKWIN or ALKTLL or your custom library name.

For running a second instance of Srv32.exe servicing a second AS/400, change the System=, User=, and Pass= values to point to your second AS/400. You will need to configure your Client Access Express to see your second AS/400. You may need to change the Library= value as well.

Step 2: Create a New Shortcut

Create a shortcut to c:\alk technologies\pcmilerXX\as400\Srv32.exe (default location). Then edit the shortcut properties, changing the Target value to "C:\ALK Technologies\PCMILERXX\AS400\Srv32.exe".