Part of the power of PC*MILER is its ability to generate many different routes between the same origin and destination, based on your preferences. (And, if we can brag a little here, it can do it in fractions of a second!) To test this out, let’s open a second route by duplicating Route 1:

1. Click anywhere on the Route 1 window to activate it.

2. Click the Minimize/Maximize button in the upper left corner to minimize the route window.

3. Select the Routes tab > Duplicate.  A duplicate route will open.

4. In the Route 1 - Copy window, click the gear button > Options in the upper right corner to open the Route Options dialog.

5. Under Routing Preferencesselect Shortest in the Route Type drop-down, then click Save.


6. Look at the two routes on the map to see how the route from Sioux City to Armstrong has changed because you picked a different route type. (Now pat yourself on the back.)

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