When you enter a route, you know where you want to go, but you may not know the best order for your stops. Why not ask PC*MILER for some help? (Don’t be shy.) PC*MILER can reorder the stops on a route, optimizing trip time, cost and mileage. Let’s optimize Route 1:

1. Close the Route 1 - Copy window: click the gear button and choose Close Route.

2. In the Route 1 window, click the Minimize/Maximize button in the upper left corner to maximize the window.

3. Duplicate Route 1 again (Routes tab > Duplicate).

4. With the new route window active, select the Routes tab > Optimize > Optimize Stops.

5. The Run route after optimizing stops option should be checked and Destination Fixed should be unchecked, meaning the last stop can be reordered if necessary.

6. Click OK to optimize the stops in the new window.

7. Press the <F4> key to generate a new Comparison Report.

As you can see, PC*MILER determined that the optimal route has Manchester as its destination and Armstrong as the first stop. The optimized route is significantly different and probably a better choice: It saves almost 115 miles and over 80 minutes of driving time, plus the additional trip costs!

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