Perhaps you have a truck route that starts at “HQ” and stops at the “East Warehouse” and the “North Dock at Frank’s”? In ContentTools, you can create custom Places to match the names of your facilities and customer locations. Those Places can then be shared with PC*MILER for use in route planning. 

Before you can use ContentTools, you must sign up for a login and password. 

1. Select the Tools tab > Manage Content to open ContentTools in your web browser. 

2. In Content Tools, select Places on the top menu ribbon to open the Place Sets panel. 

3. Each Place you create must be in a Place Set. Click New Set and type "Guided Tour" under the New Set Name field. For now, ignore the Category Icon field and click Save.

4. Click on Guided Tour to open the Place Set you just created, and click Search

5. Type “fort dodge, ia” into the search bar and select the match at the top of the pick list by clicking Add Custom Place.  (A postal code or latitude/longitude point would also be accepted, and an address is optional and available if you have the Streets add-on licensed and installed.)

6. In the New Place dialog that opens, you can enter additional information about the Place. In the name field, add "Company HQ" and click Save. Leave the other fields blank. 

7. Return to PC*MILER and click the Tools tab > Refresh Content to pull in the custom Place you just created in Content Tools. 

8. Click the Tools tab > View Places to open your Places panel, You will see a Place Set named Guided Tour

9. Click the arrow next to Guided Tour to show the Places under that Place Set (which, in this case, is only the Company HQ you just created). Click the Company HQ entry and Add as Stop

10. Your custom Place “Company HQ” will be added to the stop list of the current route.

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