This Geocode File includes a list of data records for US ZIP Codes designated as PO Box ZIP Codes that are included in the PC*MILER database.  It is comma-delimited and sorted in ascending order based on the state/province, county name then ZIP Code.

NOTE: PC*MILER’s US ZIP Code database includes PO Box ZIP Codes according to the following rules:

  • if USPS had designated the only ZIP Code assigned to a location as a PO Box ZIP, then it was added to the database as a routable location;
  • if the USPS has designated a street address for a PO Box ZIP Code, then it was added to the database as a routable location;
  • and if neither, and you enter a PO Box ZIP, you’ll receive a message: “This is a non-routable PO Box”.  This file only includes ZIP Codes that, if entered, return the message: “This is a non-routable PO Box”.


A base license of the corresponding version for at least one of the following PC*MILER products, and an additional fee, are required before this Geocode File can be provided:

  • PC*MILER Web Services (any Feature Level)



Los Angeles,CA,Los Angeles,90060,-118242706,34052191
Farmingtn Hls,MI,Oakland,48332,-83376632,42464529


  • PCMXX_Type 800 PO Box Zip Codes

Note: "XX" refers to the version number.



  • State abbreviations included in this file are FIPS codes.
  • This file is in Unicode format and includes characters outside the 0 to 127 ASCII range. Some place names do have special characters such as Õ, é, and ü. This file must be opened using UTF-8 or Arial Unicode MS format so that all characters display appropriately.
  • This file only includes data released in the base version related to the Geocode File purchased. It does not include information added for a relatable quarterly data update.