A login is required to create and edit custom Places, Sites and Route Modifiers (avoids, favors and closures) in the Content Tools web tool for use in route planning in PC*MILER. This same login can be used in other web tools, including MapSure.

To Create a Content Tools Login in PC*MILER

1. In the Tools ribbon, click Sign Up/Log In.

2. A Content Tools dialog will open. Click Sign Up, and your web browser will open to a signup screen.

3. You have two choices on this screen:

  • Sign Up as Your Company’s Administrator: As the company administrator, you will be responsible for sharing the company's account alias with other users, approving new users on the company account, and manually adding or removing users.
  • Become a User on an Existing Company Account: Using your company’s account alias provided by your company administrator, add your login to an existing company account to share Places, Route Modifiers and Sites between all users.

Sign up as Your Company’s Administrator

Follow the sign up process by entering your email address, creating a password and entering your name and company (account) name. Click Complete Sign Up. After completing your sign up, you will be returned to the login screen. Enter your new login and password and click Login to open the My Account page.  

As an Administrator, the My Account page allows you to add users to your company's account in two ways:

Share your company's Account Alias with other users, who would sign up using the process below to join an existing account

Your Account Alias is a unique, six-letter code (example below), assigned automatically.  

Add new users directly 

1. Click the Add User to Account button.

2. Enter the user's information and click Add

3. The new user will receive an email that he or she has been signed up for a Content Tools login and needs to create a password. 


Become a User on an Existing Company Account

You will first be prompted to enter your company's Account Alias, which can be provided by your company administrator.

Click Continue and your company's name should appear. Click Wrong account to start over if you see the wrong Account Name.

If the Account Name is correct, enter your email address, enter your name, create a password and click Submit to finish creating your login.