Route Modifiers are road segments that you would like PC*MILER to avoid or favor when generating a route. Route Modifiers are created in Content Tools and shared with PC*MILER for use in route planning. 

  • An avoided road segment is effectively treated as if it were closed unless no other road can be used for the route, or if the total trip distance would be increased to the point of unacceptable inefficiency. 
  • Favored road segments will be used unless it is not practical to do so.
  • Route Modifiers also include Closures, which are temporary restrictions that cause a road segment to be avoided when generating a route. 

Your Route Modifiers will affect routing only when Routing Preferences > Custom Roads > Use Route Modifiers is selected in the Route Options dialog or current route profile. This option is turned off by default.

Viewing Route Modifiers on the Map

In the Tools ribbon, click view View Route Modifiers to open the Modifiers panel. The panel shows the Route Modifier Sets you have created in Content Tools. 

NOTE: Route Modifiers can only be viewed in PC*MILER. Changes must be made in Content Tools. 

The Route Modifiers Panel in PC*MILER

Open a Route Modifiers Set by clicking the arrow next to its name to display all of the avoids and favors in that set. Or, you can use the filter to search for a specific Route Modifier by name, street or city.

Double click on an individual Route Modifier to display it on the map. Avoids and closures will be shown in red; favors in green.