PC*MILER®|Rail is the industry-leading point-to-point rail routing and mileage software. Covering the complete North American railroad system, PC*MILER|Rail provides the up-to-date information that rail owners, vendors and users need for accurate rate determination and negotiation, equipment management, rail car mileage auditing, and carrier selection. PC*MILER|Rail’s powerful North American rail network covers nearly 200,000 miles of rail line, as well as over 49,000 active freight stations, over 800 active rail carriers, and over 4,000 unique junction interchanges

Through our close working relationship with the rail industry, PC*MILER|Rail’s railroad database is widely used by virtually all major railroads and rail car lessors. Our database has proven to be an accurate source for determining the routes and mileage used in processing the U.S. Surface Transportation Board’s Carload Waybill Sample. It has also been used in numerous traffic diversion studies and in a variety of costing applications. 

PC*MILER|Rail generates routes and determines mileage between any two rail-served locations in North America. Each location can be identified by station name and state abbreviation or by commonly used geographic codes. With PC*MILER|Rail, you can quickly calculate the Shortest route (least distance) or the Practical route (based on historical operations) between any two points. You may specify interline junctions or let PC*MILER|Rail choose junctions by weighing location versus gateway importance. A Fuel Surcharge routing option is provided to accommodate the Surface Transportation Board ruling on mileage-based fuel surcharge calculations. Routings for Intermodal, Coal/Bulk and multi-level Auto Rack trains are also included.