PC*MILER Rail can be used as a standalone product, or in conjunction with the following connectivity and batch processing applications below. Contact us if you'd like to learn more.

  • PC*MILER Rail-Connect seamlessly interfaces PC*MILER Rail routes, mileages and reports with transportation management software systems and third-party software. Within other software applications, users can calculate PC*MILER Rail mileage for an origin/destination pair of locations with intermediate stop-off points, display maps, run state-by-state mileage breakdowns and generate detailed station reports. It also allows access to mileage information from within Microsoft® Excel®.

  • PC*MILER Rail-BatchPro enables users to quickly summarize empty, loaded, and total mileages by equipment ID, railroad, or state and province for a large number of rail movements. Large volumes of origin/destination locations can be processed using a variety of geographic codes (identifiers) including station name/state abbreviation, SPLC, FSAC, ERPC (3-3-3) and R260.

  • PC*MILER Rail-TCP/IP provides an interface to PC*MILER Rail-Connect trip calculation functions on Windows personal computers from any other computer platform over a TCP/IP network.

  • PC*MILER Rail Stations Geocode Files include a complete list of all PC*MILER Rail freight stations by serving carrier and  contains Station Name/ST, SPLC, FSAC, 3-3-3, and R260 code information. There are two versions of this file: one with latitude/longitude information and one without.