PC*MILER Rail is a standalone product. Each new version is a separate installation of the software. Your new version will be a new install rather than an upgrade. The underlying data the application uses is installed along with the product. The data is stored in binary format that only the product can read. No other database application is required to run PC*MILER Rail.


  • Stand-alone PC with a 1.5-2 GHz processor or networked personal computers (LANs and Server/Thin Client Networks)
  • 512 MB RAM minimum, 1 GB strongly recommended for standard desktop users. For Citrix and Terminal Server, 200 MB RAM for each user running PC*MILER Rail-Connect and PC*MILER Spreadsheets.
  • 700 MB hard disk space
  • Color quality settings supported: 16-bit and 32-bit (8-bit & 24-bit not supported)
  • Internet connection for license activation (recommended) and access to online support articles.
  • Email address for license activation. 


  • Windows 11 (recommended for PC*MILER 28 and later) or Windows 10 running in 32-bit compatibility mode as well as support for 64-bit native applications.   
  • Windows Server (Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Terminal Servers)
  • Citrix Metaframe and TCP/IP functionality for use with other platforms
  • Platforms not supported include: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8, Server 2000, Server 2003, Server 2008, Windows 7 (as of PC*MILER Rail 27), and Server 2008 R2 (as of PC*MILER Rail 27) operating systems

Additional Requirements

For PC*MILER Rail-Connect:

  • Additional 10 MB hard disk space
  • Microsoft Excel
  • A development system for the PC*MILER Rail-Connect interface. (Interface definitions for Borland C++ 4.0 and Visual Basic 3.0 are currently supported, although many other systems can also utilize the DLL.)

For PC*MILER Rail-BatchPro:

  • Additional 5 MB hard disk space



  • Additional 5 MB hard disk space
  • PC with 1.5-2 GHz processor and TCP/IP capability
  • UNIX or other host with TCP/IP capability
  • Physical connection (cable)
  • Client software on the UNIX or other host (sample PERL application provided)

These components will also be installed

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package (x86) – 20 MB each
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.7.1 (automatically installed with PC*MILER Rail)