Single-User License

A single-user license can be installed to only one PC locally.

Additional Copy License

Users can install PC*MILER Rail locally onto additional PC’s by purchasing additional copy licenses. If you purchase five copy licenses, you can install PC*MILER Rail locally onto five additional PC’s or workstations. If you are installing onto a desktop PC and a laptop, two licenses are needed.

Multi-User License

A multi-user license can be installed to a server environment, on the computer that will be sharing the licenses to other computers. It allows “x” number of concurrent workstation connections to PC*MILER Rail at a time. For example, a 5-User License allows PC*MILER Rail to be installed on a central server or PC with as many workstation PCs as you want to have access, but it only allows five users to access PC*MILER Rail at a time.

Enterprise License

An Enterprise License allows you to install PC*MILER Rail on any combination of end-user PCs or workstations without limitations. It’s a cost-effective installation and licensing solution for larger enterprises with several users.  It does not require license activation but requires signing an enterprise supplemental license agreement directly with Trimble MAPS.

Installation Types

Non-Network (Local) Installations

A non-network installation allows you to install PC*MILER Rail to a PC or workstation locally, not onto a server environment to be shared with other computers.

Network Installation

A networked installation allows you to install PC*MILER Rail on network file servers where each end-user can save their own option settings or can share option settings that are stored on the server.

Citrix/Terminal Services Installation

PC*MILER Rail can be installed onto a Citrix Server or Terminal Services environment, if you have purchased a license to do so.  Each end-user must have a license to gain access.

Trial Installation

A trial installation is a 15-day license to access PC*MILER Rail features and data.  A trial installation cannot be upgraded, it must be uninstalled and reinstalled with a valid license key after trial period ends.

Installation Notes

All available Windows updates should be installed before installing PC*MILER Rail. For Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, installed updates should include Service Pack 1 (KB976932).

Microsoft® Windows® 8 and Above

It is strongly recommended that you avoid installing to the Program Files or Program Files (x86) folder.  If you need to do so, you’ll have to Run as Administrator when you open PC*MILER.


Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 Users

Your license may need to be installed and activated using an Administrator Account.  Once installed, you do not need to “Run as an Administrator” provided you install to the recommended default directory or to another directory that doesn’t require users to “Run as an Administrator”.  Additionally, the administrator should grant write permissions to the PC*MILER Rail default directory since some of the newer operating systems require an administrator to grant these write permissions.

COM DLL’s on a 64-Bit Computer

If you install PC*MILER Rail-Connect Version 24 on a 64-bit computer, you are given the option of using either the 32-bit versions or the 64-bit versions of the COM dll’s. To switch between the versions, you can run “Modify” in the setup to make the decision again or run “UseCom32.bat” to switch to 32-bits or “UseCom64.bat” to switch to 64-bits. These .bat files are found in your PCRWIN24/Connect/com folder.


Data Execution Prevention (DEP) Setting

On some versions of Windows, DEP might close PC*MILER Rail without any type of error message.  If that happens, do the following: open the Windows Start menu and go to Settings > Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced System Settings > Advanced tab > Performance Setting > Data Execution Prevention tab.  Select “Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only”.

PC*MILER Rail Interfaces

For those who are interfacing any PC*MILER Rail component to a third-party system, please contact the vendor directly to make sure that the interface to this new version of PC*MILER Rail is updated and complete before you install.