Have your Product Key Code on hand before beginning the installation process. It will be emailed to you from orders@trimblemaps.com in an email titled, “PC*MILER Rail XX Software Order…” (Enterprise License customers excluded, see note in Step 4 below). “Single” will be included in the list of product components in this email, indicating that you purchased a single-user license. If don’t see “Single” in the email, please contact a PC*MILER Sales Representative to purchase the correct license.

Uninstalling an Older Version

If you need to uninstall a previous version of PC*MILER Rail on the computer that you are now installing to, you must uninstall the previous version before installing the new version. If you do not need to uninstall, it is possible to have both versions of the desktop program installed on the same system. Please note that PC*MILER Rail-Connect will be updated to the new version.

Before Installing

Please double-check that the emailed Product Key Code(s) lists all purchased components. For example, the code shown below unlocks the following components: PC*MILER Rail, PC*MILER Rail-Connect, and PC*MILER Rail-BatchPro.

Product Key Code: 3QYKJ-V2KJ7-KJ2F5-82KJ2-KJ2F2

Purchase Details: == PC*MILER Rail XX (Single), BatchPro, Connect

Installing a single-user version of PC*MILER Rail

1. To download the installation, click the provided link in the email that was sent to you from Trimble MAPS and follow the instructions. 

2. In the InstallShield Wizard Welcome screen, click Next to review the terms and conditions of the End-User License Agreement. To accept the terms of the license agreement, select I accept then click Next

3. Enter your User Name and Company Name then click Next.

4. Enter your Product Key Code. This 25-character code will be emailed to you from orders@trimblemaps.com in an email titled, “PC*MILER Rail XX Software Order…” The code can be copied and pasted.  If typing the Product Key Code, dashes are not required—for example, in 2J45L-35S22-E82W2-3324A-2E342 dashes, spaces, or no spaces are all acceptable. Click Next when finished. 

NOTE: As a convenience to our Enterprise License customers, your Product Key Code is hard-coded into the installation for you and is valid for each install.

5.  You will see a list of the PC*MILER Rail components to be installed. Click Next to continue.

6. Choose Destination Location: To install to the default folder (recommended), do not make any changes and click Next. By default, PC*MILER Rail installs directly to C:\ALK Technologies\PCRWINXX. (XX is your version number.)

To install to a location other than the default, click Change to select another folder. Be sure to add “PcrwinXX” to the end of the new path. For example: C:\Apps\PCRWINXX. If you don’t, PC*MILER Rail will install to the root of the specified directory. Click Next to continue. 

IMPORTANT: PC*MILER Rail requires Read, Write and Modify permissions under the Windows security settings in the directory in which it is installed.

7. Start Copying Files: To change any setting, select Back. If you are satisfied with the settings, click Next to continue.

If you have a previous version of PC*MILER Rail-Connect installed, an alert will appear on the screen with the following message: “The install found a previous version of Connect. These files will be renamed with a .bak extension.” Click OK in the dialog to continue.

8. Follow through with the rest of the installation. This may take some time depending on the speed of the computer you are installing to. Do not exit or reboot the computer during the installation. If any error messages appear, please contact Technical Support. 

9. When the installation is complete, you will be prompted to activate your license. You will need access the Internet to activate your license. If you need to use a Proxy Server for Internet access, see below. Otherwise, leave the Activate License box checked and click Finish to proceed to the automatic activation (Step 10 below). (Note: It may take 5-15 seconds for the Product Activation window to open.) 

IMPORTANT: Trimble MAPS provides a 15-day temporary license prior to completing the activation process. If you make a second attempt to install on the same computer, you will lose this 15-day temporary license. If you experience an activation error and need access to PC*MILER Rail before Technical Support is available, please do not attempt a second install without assistance.

Automatic License Activation

10. The PC*MILER Product Activation window should be open. (If it is not open, select Start menu > All Programs > PCMILER Rail XX > License Status to open the License Tool window, then click Activate.)

If you are an Enterprise License Customer: You can bypass the following license activation steps of the install because you are already activated and registered with Trimble MAPs. To continue, close the Product Activation window then proceed to Step 14 to open PC*MILER Rail XX and start using the application.

If you are not an Enterprise License Customer: If the computer you are installing to has an Internet connection and you have a valid email address, the license activation can be processed automatically. Enter your Email Address then click Activate. “Manual Activation” should be left unchecked. Internet license activation is available 24 hours a day.  If you don’t have an active Internet connection or email address, please contact PC*MILER Technical Support during business hours for assistance.

11. When the activation process is complete, you will receive a message in the Product Activation window saying, “License Activation Complete!” Close the window to continue. If the activation failed, skip to Step 15 below for manual activation. 

12. To verify licensing, go to the Windows Start menu > All Programs > License Status. In the PC*MILER License Tool window, verify that “Licensed” appears under Status. If “Licensed” is NOT in the Status field, skip to Step 15 below for manual activation.

13. If successful activation has been verified, close the License Tool window.  An email titled “PC*MILER Rail XX Activation Code for Product XXXXX…” from orders@trimblemaps.com will be sent to the email you entered in Step 10.  You only need to keep this email for your records.


14. To start PC*MILER Rail once the installation is complete, click the PC*MILER Rail XX  icon on the desktop, or click the Windows Start menu > All Programs > PCMILER Rail XX > PCMILER Rail XX.


Manual Activation

15. (You only need to follow these steps if the automatic license activation process could not be completed.) If the automatic activation (Steps 10-11 above) fails for any reason, try manually activating. In the Product Activation window, enter your Email Address then check “Manual Activation”.

16. Next, click the provided URL for the Trimble MAPS activation site.

17. You will be taken to the Technical Support “Activate Product” web page, and your product key will automatically populate the Product Key fields.  Click Next to continue.

18. In the next screen, enter your Email address and click Finish.

19. An email titled “PC*MILER Rail XX Activation Code for Product XXXXX…” from orders@trimblemaps.com will immediately be sent to the email you entered.

20. Copy the activation code directly from the Activation web page or from the email sent to you, and paste it into the Activation Code field in the Product Activation window.

21. Click Activate in the Product Activation window to complete the activation.

22. You will see the message “License Activation Complete!”.  Close the Product Activation window.

23. Start PC*MILER Rail once the installation is complete: click the PC*MILER Rail XX icon on the desktop, or click the Windows Start menu > All Programs > PCMILER Rail XX > PCMILER Rail XX.

Activation Using a Proxy Server

1. When the installation is complete (Steps 1-9 above), uncheck the Activate check box and then click Finish.

2.   Next, start PC*MILER Rail: either click the PC*MILER Rail icon on the desktop, or click the Windows Start menu and then select All Programs > PCMILER Rail XX > PCMILER Rail XX.

3.   Select the Help tab > Proxy Setup.

4.   In the Proxy Setup dialog, check Use Proxy Server then enter a Host and Port.

5.   If needed, check Proxy Authentication then enter a Username and Password.

6.   Click OK to save your settings and close the dialog.  PC*MILER Rail is now set up to use the indicated proxy server when connecting to the Internet.

7.   Close PC*MILER Rail.

8.   Go to the Windows Start menu > All Programs > PCMILER Rail XX > License Status and click Activate in the PC*MILER License Tool window.

9.   Follow the steps above for automatic activation, beginning at Step 10.