Please have your Product Key Code on hand before beginning the installation process.  It will be emailed to you from in an email with the subject line “PC*MILER Rail XX Software Order…” (Enterprise License customers excluded). “(Citrix/Terminal Services)” will be included in the Product Key email confirming that you have purchased a Citrix or Terminal Services license. If not, please contact an Enterprise Solutions account executive to purchase the correct license and request one Product Key Code for each individual server you are installing to.

Uninstalling an Older Version

If you need to uninstall a previous version of PC*MILER Rail on the computer that you are now installing to, you must do it before installing the new version. If you do not need to uninstall, you can have both versions of the desktop program installed on the same system. Please note that PC*MILER Rail-Connect and PC*MILER Rail-BatchPro will be updated to the new version.

Before Installing

Please double-check that the emailed Product Key Code lists all purchased components. For example, the code shown below unlocks the following components: PC*MILER Rail, PC*MILER Rail-Connect, PC*MILER Rail-BatchPro.


Product Key Code: 3QYKJ-V2KJ7-KJ2F5-82KJ2-KJ2F2

Purchase Details: == PC*MILER Rail XX (Citrix/Term Serv), Connect, BatchPro

Only a qualified Citrix administrator should be installing PC*MILER Rail on a Citrix system. With Citrix in Install Mode, follow the steps in Single User (Non-Network) Installation.


If you were using another version of PC*MILER Rail with PC*MILER Rail-Connect and/or PC*MILER Rail-BatchPro in your Citrix environment, there may be existing files that require deletion. Citrix and Terminal Servers can have multiple copies underneath C:\Users\<username>\Windows, C:\Documents and Settings\ <username>\Windows or in %homedir%\windows like H:\Windows. Copies of the pcrsrv.ini and pcrsrvXX.ini (“XX” being a version number) should be deleted from any location outside of C:\WINDOWS.

Before Using PC*MILER Rail

Citrix supports 16 bit and 24 bit color, while PC*MILER Rail supports 16 bit and 32 bit color. A Citrix end user must set the color resolution on their workstation to 16 bit before they log into a Citrix server to run PC*MILER Rail. If an end user has their color resolution set to 32 bit and logs in to Citrix, the Citrix software will adjust it downward to 24 bit prior to loading PC*MILER Rail, and the application will fail to load.