When you first open PC*MILER Rail, you will see route windows on the left, the map window on the right, and a Ribbon toolbar at the top. The Ribbon contains layered toolbars organized in tabs like a set of file folders. Click a tab to see the toolbar attached to it. If you have used recent versions of Microsoft Office, you will already be familiar with the Ribbon format.

  1. File Application Menu. Click the red File drop-down to open the PC*MILER application menu. This menu can be used to print and save maps and reports, close all open routes or reports, and to exit the application window.
  2. The Ribbon. Click a tab on the Ribbon to bring its toolbar forward. There are five tabs on the Ribbon: Routes, AutoRouter, Map, Window, and Help. In the photo above, the Routes toolbar has been selected.
  3. Routes Window. Select the Routes tab to access single route entry. Click New Route on the Ribbon or <Ctrl+N> to open a new route window. Multiple single route windows can be open at the same time.  If there are more routes open than can be displayed, a scroll bar will appear on the right edge of the Routes window.  Tools and options for route entry are in the Routes toolbar on the Ribbon.
  4. AutoRouter Window.  Select the AutoRouter tab or <F6> to open the AutoRouter window.  The AutoRouter generates a list of all possible routes between the station locations that are entered.  Use the AutoRouter toolbar on the Ribbon to set avoid/favors and route options.
  5. Map Window.  Routes are drawn automatically in the map window as they are generated.  Use the Map toolbar to access a variety of map tools, or right click on the map and select from the menu.