The PC*MILER Rail application window includes a customizable Quick Access Toolbar that provides shortcuts to some of the features on the Ribbon you use frequently. The toolbar is only displayed when at least one button has been added.

To put a button on the toolbar, right click the button and select Add to Quick Access ToolbarThe toolbar will appear in its default location below the Ribbon. 

To remove a button, right click it on the Quick Access Toolbar and select Remove from Quick Access Toolbar.

To put the toolbar above the Ribbon, right click it and select Show Quick Access Toolbar above the RibbonThe Quick Access menu also gives you the option to minimize the Ribbon to increase the workspace in the application window.

Not all buttons can be placed on the Quick Access Toolbar ­— only buttons that perform an action (e.g. New Route or Options). Drop-downs (e.g. Save or Reports) and toggle buttons (e.g. Box Zoom or Drag Map) can’t be added, but items in a drop-down that have an icon can. If the Quick Access Toolbar isn’t available for a button, the option to add it will be disabled in the right mouse menu.