Select 3-3-3 from the format drop-down, then enter any valid Eastern Railroad President's Conference Code and click Add Stop or press <Enter>.

An ERPC (or 3-3-3) is similar to a station/state spelling, except that 3-3-3 codes are limited to nine characters and abbreviated in accordance with the specific rules of Railinc and the National Industrial Transportation League (NITL). These requirements are published in the Rail User's Manual by the NITL.

For help with 3-3-3 code entry, enter at least two letters followed immediately by an asterisk and the state/province/estado abbreviation to invoke a pick list. Highlight the correct station in the pick list and click OK, or double-click the location to select it.


For station names of nine or fewer characters, the normal spelling is used in 3-3-3 codes. For longer station names or multiple-word names, abbreviations for common words as well as a 3-3-3 spelling convention are used. In all cases, the two-letter state/province/estado abbreviation is required, with or without a space before it.  For example:

SANTA FE     NM . . . becomes . . . SANFE    NM

FORT WAYNE   IN . . . becomes . . . FTWAYNE  IN


Pick List of Matches for 3-3-3 Code Search on “sa* tx”