Each report that is generated will be displayed with a toolbar that enables editing the page view and font size. 

To change the font size in the active report, use the Font Size drop-down. For page view adjustments, there are eight buttons that control page layout (portrait vs. landscape) and magnification. Place your cursor over any button to see a tooltip that tells you what the button does.

Printing and Copying Reports

There are two ways to print a report:

1. Click the Print icon on the report window toolbar.

2. Press the <Ctrl+P> shortcut on your keyboard. 

To copy a report to the clipboard for use in another application:

1.  Click the Copy icon on the report window toolbar.

2.  Press <Ctrl+V> to paste the report contents into your target application such as Microsoft Word.

Saving Reports

To save PC*MILER Rail reports to disk:

1. Select the File application menu > Save Report to File

2. In the Save Report dialog, select the folder where the file will be saved and enter a file name in the File Name field.

3. Click Save.