Our sample route in a single route window will generate mileage from Atlanta, GA on CSXT to Omaha, NE on BNSF using the Practical route formula. Because CSXT doesn’t run to Omaha, we’ll use the Junction Helper to find a junction interchange for the route.

1. In the application window select the Routes tab > New Route.

2. We’ll go with the default Station Name, ST format for a station—click on the station field in the new route window and type “atlanta ga”, then click Add Stop or press <Enter> on your keyboard.

3.  Select CSXT from the pick list and click OK.

4. Enter “omaha ne” as above, selecting BNSF as the carrier. 

5. Click the Junction Helper link in the prompt that appears.

6. In the Junction Helper, click OK to select the first entry on the list (Birmingham, AL).

7. Select the Routes tab > Options.

8. In the Route Options dialog, type “Atlanta-Omaha” in the Route Name field, then click OK. The custom route name will appear in the route window, on all reports, and in the Route legend on the map.

9. Click Run or press the <F10> key.

Mileage appears in the route entry window when processing has finished, and the route is drawn on the map. 

From here, you might choose to select one of the following in the Routes tab:

  • Reports to generate one of six route reports.
  • Duplicate to duplicate the route and change routing options for a comparison; or Save to save the route for future use.
  • To clear all stops from the route window, select the Routes tab Close or the Delete All Stops button.