The AutoRouter feature is a valuable tool for determining which railroads serve the origin or destination, and how they connect via intermediate junctions. It allows you to set customized railroad routing preferences and get back several routes to choose from. The sample route below from Atlanta to New Orleans uses the Shortest route formula.

1. In the application window select the AutoRouter toolbar on the Ribbon.


2. To enter an originating railroad, type “atlanta ga” in the Station Name, ST field and click Add Stop or press <Enter> on your keyboard.

3.  A pick list showing all railroads that serve Atlanta will open—click OK.  (It doesn’t matter which railroad you choose here.)

4. Click the drop-down list of railroads for Atlanta. You can uncheck a railroad to exclude it from consideration. For this example, leave all options checked.

5. Enter “new orleans la” as the destination of this route.

6. Click OK in the pick list of railroads that opens.

7. Click Run.

8. After processing, all feasible routes will be listed below. Note that the number of available railroads and routes generated will be affected by the Include/Exclude options in the Route Options dialog.

9. Click the View button for the second, Norfolk Southern route to see its details displayed in a single route window and drawn on the map.

The options for an AutoRoute can be edited like any other single route—select Options in the AutoRouter toolbar. This can be especially useful when the AutoRouter is relied on to generate a valid junction interchange and the route then needs to be re-run for Fuel Surcharge mileage.

Click the AutoRouter tab to go back and examine another route. To clear the AutoRouter, select the AutoRouter toolbar > Clear.