PC*MILER® Rail-BatchPro™ is an add-on batch processing module created for use with PC*MILER Rail. It can be launched from within another application, giving PC*MILER Rail the power and flexibility to handle the processing of large volumes of origin-destination records.  

Using an input file of car location messages (CLMs) or similarly formatted data, BatchPro enables PC*MILER Rail to calculate the distance between locations identified on a single record (single line) or adjacent records. As part of this process, BatchPro can also generate report files that summarize mileage activity by car ID, state/province and railroad carrier.

Note: It is possible to create an extensive mileage database with BatchPro. Under the provisions of your license agreement, any such database must remain on the same computer platform on which PC*MILER Rail is installed. The transfer or porting of data to another computer platform or to a third party is strictly prohibited without the written consent of Trimble Inc.