The steps to generate BatchPro mileage and reports are below.

  1. To open the BatchPro window, go to the Windows Start menu > All Programs (or the equivalent on your system) > PCMILER Rail XX > BatchPro and click PCMILER Rail-BatchPro XX. ("XX" is version number.)
  2. At the top of the BatchPro window, designate an Input File of car records using the Browse button.
  3. To the right, select a Configuration File that matches the type of input in your input file.
  4. If necessary, under Options edit the column positions in the configuration file to match the current input file (Input File Layout tab).
  5. If necessary, select how stations are formatted in the origin and destination columns of the input file (Origin Location Type and Destination Location Type drop-downs).
  6. In the Line Format drop-down, select O/D Pair Per Line if the input file includes one origin/destination pair per line (this is required for AutoRouting), or Single Location Per Line if each line includes only one station.
  7. (Optional) Under Options, in the Output Options tab adjust routing and output options as needed.
  8. (Optional) Under Output Report Files, designate a location where output files will be placed. By default, output files are placed in the folder where the input file is located.
  9. (Optional, for Standard routing only) Under Optional, select report files to generate in addition to the default mileage output (.OUT file).   
  10. Click Run to begin batch processing. Depending on the options you chose, a minimum of two output files will be created (.LOG and .OUT files) in the folder where the input file resides or in another user-designated location.