Your PC*MILER Rail-BatchPro installation comes with several sample input files, including:

One SPLC Per Line – Standard Routing

The records in the sample file include one SPLC per line as shown below.  From left to right in this file, each record includes a SPLC, a railroad, the empty/loaded status of the car, the initials contained in the car ID, and the car ID number.  In this type of one-per-line input, there must be a car number or ID for each record to distinguish where a trip starts and ends.  In this sample file, three trips are listed (for cars 123456, 234567, and 999999).

One O/D Pair Per Line – AutoRouting

Each record in the sample file includes only an origin and a destination in station/state format.  Because there is no railroad information, all possible routes will be generated.