(Requires CoPilot version or higher with Account Manager enabled.)

MapExact edits are made available in CoPilot through a connection with Account Manager, our web-based fleet management tool. If you are licensed for MapExact, all CoPilot devices in your Account Manager account will automatically receive approved MapExact edits on the same schedule they receive other content from Account Manager:

  1. Each time CoPilot is launched on a device, or 
  2. During scheduled updates set by the Fleet Sync Interval, which is part of the device’s Configuration Profile.

Note that MapExact edits are not integrated into the data when CoPilot is in active navigation. The integration happens only after a trip ends. If a road is closed via MapExact and CoPilot is in active navigation, it will not immediately reflect that change.


The Effects of Edits

Once an edit has been approved and integrated with a device, it may have significant impacts on CoPilot’s behavior. It is important to only approve and sync edits that have been verified. Some of the effects on CoPilot’s behavior are detailed below.


Changes to map data can have significant effects on routing. Editing road restrictions, for example, may allow certain vehicles to use the road as a valid route. We advise that these physical restrictions are never increased, only decreased. 

For example, if a road has a height restriction of 11 feet, it would never be advisable to increase that height to 13 feet. The height restrictions in our map data are accurate. To amend these restrictions and allow previously restricted vehicles to use these roads, would be a significant risk.

The consequences of using inappropriate roads can lead to significant structural and material damage. When making any changes, additional verification checks should be put in place to confirm the changes reflect reality.

ETA Calculations

CoPilot uses road attributes, historical traffic and distances to calculate the ETA for a trip. With MapExact, users have the ability to: 

  • Edit road classes and speeds attributed to them 
  • Add new roads

ETA calculations may be impacted heavily if a trip uses many of these new or edited roads. Traffic data is not available for new roads, and changing road speeds or classes will alter the travel time along a road. Users should keep this in mind when creating new roads or changing the road class.