A premium add-on for PC*MILER Web Services allows you to generate detailed toll costs for commercial vehicle routes in Europe. The Toll Detail report provides toll information for each segment of the route as well as an overall summary of tolls, by country—helping you understand exact toll costs as part of your route planning. 

This new feature provides:

  • Regularly updated toll information for toll structures, administrative area tolls, toll collection systems, and distance-based tolls.

  • Built-in currency conversion rates, updated daily, so you can calculate costs in your currency of choice. 

  • Coverage for the majority of Western Europe. 

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Tolls Coverage by Country

*Limited coverage means toll calculations are available but may not provide the desired results. For Poland, the state operated toll system VIATOLL delivers correct results, but the privately operated toll roads (segments of A1, A2 and A4 motorway) will return incorrect results for some vehicle setups.


Our map data supplier is constantly expanding the toll data coverage available in Europe. When the basic toll data is made available for new countries, it will soon be reflected in the coverage of our toll calculation feature. We expect the missing countries in the Baltic and Balkan region to be added in the near future.