PC*MILER for the AS/400 returns distances in whole numbers only.

If you would like to calculate trip distances in hundredths of miles or kilometers, you can use the following work around in versions 24 and higher. Before starting the PC Distance Server (srv32.exe), first run the desktop program (alk.pcmiler.exe) and follow these steps:

  1. Click the File menu >  Application Settings > Route Costs
  2. In Route Costs, change the following values to 0: Greenhouse Gases, Fuel Cost per Gallon, Miles per Gallon, Labor Cost Per Hour
  3. Set Other Cost Per Mile, both Loaded and Empty, to 1.
  4. At the bottom of the Route Costs dialog, click Save to save the edits and close the dialog.
  5. Exit the Desktop program, then start your PC Distance Server.

With these Route Costs settings, the COST estimates returned by your PC Distance Server will be equal to the trip distance in hundredths of miles or kilometers. If you are a Tolls user, please note the COST includes toll costs. To get the correct distance, you must subtract CUM TOLL $ from the COST