Available updates and patches:

PC*MILER 36 Toll Data Update for PC*MILER Tolls Add-on Users – posted 2/8/2023

PC*MILER 36 Toll Data Update for PC*MILER Tolls Add-on Users – posted 11/9/2022

PC*MILER 36 Software Patch – posted 10/20/2022

PC*MILER 36 Worldwide Data Add-on posted 10/20/2022

Notes on Updates

If a PC*MILER product was purchased along with signing up for our Annual Support & Update Program (AUP license purchase), customers are entitled to use PC*MILER during the term of their agreement and also to receive data updates when and if available. AUP licensed users will have access to the base version data set as well as to more recently released data sets as they are available.

For those who do not sign up for the AUP, PC*MILER is purchased as a Perpetual license which entitles the licensed user to available software patches released for the purchased version. For more information on upgrading a Perpetual license to an AUP license, please contact an Enterprise Solutions account executive at 800-377-6453 ext. 1 or email sales@trimblemaps.com.

To check if an update is available to your license type, in PC*MILER select the Help Ribbon > Check for Updates and then follow the prompts on the screen. Before an update begins, close all open instances of PC*MILER. If you have a third-party program open that accesses any PC*MILER component (e.g. PC*MILER Connect), please close them before continuing.

Updating Workstation Installation: For workstation installations, first follow the steps to install updates on the Server. Next, to keep all workstations in sync with what is running on the Server, run the Updater on each workstation to install the same updates and/or patches.