On Sept. 17, 2023, Wales became the first nation in the United Kingdom to adopt 20 mph as the default speed limit on roads in more populated areas such as villages and town centers. 

Those speed limit updates were released for CoPilot on Thursday, Oct. 5, as part of our Q3 2023 quarterly release of Europe map data. The updates are based on the best available data during this large, nationwide change and may require some additions in future data releases.

How can customers get the new data?  

The new data will first be made available in CoPilot navigation, followed by other Trimble Maps applications. See below for more information about how to access new data, by product.

What can you do to help drivers obey speed limits?

The new law reduces the speed limit to 20 mph from 30 mph in "restricted" areas, which are defined as areas with lampposts not more than 200 yards apart.

CoPilot has a number of speed limit warning features that can help drivers better pay attention to their speed. In this case, you might want to:

  1. Set CoPilot to show a speed warning in the navigation screen.
  2. Set Warning when exceeding speed limit by: to 5 mph, the lowest setting. For example, if a road has a speed limit of 20 mph in the map data, the driver receives a warning at 25 mph. 


Please contact us with question about this change or how to update your map data when new data is available.

How to Access the Most Current Data


  • App Store Customers—You will be notified to download updates through the app.
  • Enterprise Customers (Indirect)—Contact the partner who sold you CoPilot to be sure you have the latest app version and data. 
  • Enterprise Customers (Direct) and Integration Partners—Updates can be downloaded over the air via API, over the air via the CoPilot app, or directly from our portal

PC*MILER Web and Web Services 

Updates are automatically available upon release. To access:

  • Web—In the route card, set the Reports version field to Current. (Current is the default)
  • Web Services—Mark the dataVersion field with Current. (Current is the default)