1. Email your 25-character Product Key Code to pcmsupport@alk.com.
  2. Delete the file licp9.dat file in your App folder (Default Location: c:\ALK Technologies\PCMILERXX\App).
  3. Open the License Status (ALK.PCMiler.LicenseTool.exe in App folder), choose Add License. Re-enter product key information and click to activate. 
  4. Confirm Activation.

NOTE: These steps cannot be completed if your 25-character Product Key Code is not reset.  For our Support Team to reset your key code, your license must be under a support contract.

SPECIAL: For Step 2, the file to be deleted differs in PC*MILER 23 and 24.

  • PC*MILER 23: x32api.dll
  • PC*MILER 24: licp8.dat

SPECIAL: For Step 3, the License Status application is named pcmlic.exe in versions 27 and below.