When you upgrade to a newer version of PC*MILER, the path Excel uses to find the PC*MILER Spreadsheets add-on in your directory changes. If you open a spreadsheet originally created with an older version of PC*MILER, Excel may not automatically run distance calculations. Instead, it populates the cell with "#NAME?".

There are two options:

Choose to not re-calculate the Cells/Data

  • If you re-calculate the data, the values will not match if users are using different versions of PC*MILER
    • Example:  If Bob is using v30 and creates the spreadsheet and John re-opens the sheet but is using v27, they will be seeing different values.
  • If you want the users to all see the same values you can choose to temporarily prevent the recalculation of files that were last saved.
  • To do so:
    • Close all workbooks.
    • Create a new workbook.
    • Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Excel Options.
    • On the Formulas tab, click Manual under Calculation options, and then click OK.
    • Open the saved workbook.

Re-calculate the Cells/Data

  • If you do not mind if the values do not match 100% and just want to be able to re-calculate whether they are using v30 or an older version.
  • To do so:
    • On the Data tab, click Edit Links in the Connections group.
    • Each link will list the file name of the source workbook to which this workbook is linked. If you click the link, the original file path location of the source workbook appears under the list in the Location label.
    • Select Change Source.
    • Browse to the location of that machine's PCMSRV32.XLA.
    • Select Close.
    • The values should now be re-calculated.

More from Microsoft:  External links may be calculated when you open a workbook that was last saved in an earlier version of Excel.