The Single Route (also referred to as Standard Route or Interactive Routing) is recommended for purposes that require accurate mileage when specific railroads and junctions are known. Each RR and junction interchange along the route must be specified to run the route successfully.

The AutoRouter is a feature provided to help users generate interline routes without having to select the individual railroads or junction interchanges. The program lists all the railroads at origin and destination, and then outputs multiple routes. AutoRouter generates one route for each ORR-TRR combination, and algorithmically selects the most appropriate junction interchange, where necessary. However, when one or more railroads serve both origin and destination, then only those local (single carrier) routes are displayed by default. 

In AutoRouter, if Exclude Terminal Switch is selected, then those routes that require a junction transfer (terminal switching) at the origin or destination are excluded from the output. 

If desired, the user can double-click a route generated by the AutoRouter modify it, and then re-run it to get distances for the changed route.

Fuel Surcharge routing is not available with the AutoRouter, it’s only available in the Single Route option.